“is it for your sorority party?”

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Last Tuesday, my sister and I went shopping for fun, sparkly dresses for our Raleighwood party. As we perused the shoe section, we chatted with the sales guy. We told him we were hosting a big party and he laughingly {deprecatingly, may I add} asked “Is it a sorority party?”

We laughed back and quickly retorted “No, it’s for the business we own.”

A similar thing happened today at the gym- our buddy at the front desk asked where we went to school, so we told her that not only where we no longer in school, we ran a downtown business.

Is it our fresh-faced youthful look that makes people question us? Or perhaps the way we act giddy and silly when we’re together?

One thing’s for sure- I love seeing the look of shock on people’s faces when they hear that two bubbly young adults own a downtown business.

For me, it’s a learning experience: it’s important to strike a balance between being yourself {Valley girl voice inflections and all} and coming across as sophisticated, professional, and put together. I guess it’s a work in progress 😉


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