diggin’ through the archives, xxii

One Year Ago Today: 11 Goals for 2011 {Wow- I managed to accomplish most of them, even the big ones, like starting a new venture. Pat on the back,Cristina 😉 }

11 Months Ago Today: Cure the Winter Blues {Despite the 50s weather today, I know I’ll be pulling up this post in just a few weeks. But this year, we’ve thought of the best way to cure the winter blues- plan a February cruise to the Bahamas!}

10 Months Ago Today: GW Bites- GW Business Plan Competition

9 Months Ago Today: Week Recap and Weekend to Come & To the End of Cupcakes…

8 Months Ago Today: A Portfolio Career- The Way of the Future? {Yes! For me at least}

7 Months Ago Today:  A Lunchbox Confession {I still carry that baby with pride. And I’ve added a portable bright pink utensil set too haha}

6 Months Ago Today: The Result of a Five Hour Layover in Boston

5 Months Ago Today: Tuscan Zucchini Pasta Casserole {I’m planning to make a rice version of this}

2 Months Ago Today: TAD- Day #2

1 Month Ago Today: Scalloped Sweet Potato Stacks & Trip to Hinnant Family Vineyards

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