diggin’ through the archives, part xxvii

Happy Monday! I’m lying in bed listening to the classical station on Pandora and sipping the soy misto my sister just delivered to my front door. Hand-delivered in the morning? Now that’s love {so is giving up your last few pieces of sushi when your sister is upset haha}.

Bear with me as we get close to wrapping up the Diggin’ Through the Archives series. Kinda crazy to see what happens in a year, right? Imagine trying to sum up the four years of college in one post!

One Year Ago Today: Perks

11 Months Ago Today: The Weekend in Review

10 Months Ago Today: Recipe- Stuffed Peppers {Also featured in Recipe Duos}

8 Months Ago Today: An Incredible Gift from My Incredible Sister {May or may not have teared up early this Monday morning. The same sister who just delivered a soy misto to my door!}

5 Months Ago Today: The Perfect Escape {Need to schedule my next trip to DC}

4 Months Ago Today: Another Gluten-Free Week

2 Month Ago Today: Homemade Hand Scrubs


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