the trouble with blogs is…

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Sometimes I sit for long periods browsing mindlessly and half-heartedly  through my Google Reader blog roll. Even worse, sometimes I scroll intently through the posts, enraptured by the delicious meal that so and so ate or the new skinny jeans that so and so bought over the weekend.

When I finally come out of my blog-induced stupor, I often feel an overwhelming sense of frivolity.


characterized by lack of seriousness or sense: frivolous
self-indulgently carefree; unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose
of little or no weight, worth, or importance; not worthy of serious notice

Did reading about a certain blogger’s luxury-infused trip or new purchase improve my life or, even more importantly, the lives of others?

I hate to describe anyone’s blog as frivolous, because I know how I would feel if someone assigned  that unfortunate adjective to Scintillating Simplicity. But, as Elisabeth pointed out, lifestyle blogs can often be a form of escapism.

But then I read blogs like Branch of Jasmine by Kathleen, which details her time working with a women’s empowerment organization in Rwanda. Or McArabia’s and Chipsy by Sarah, which she updates as she works on her Fulbright on the evolution of food systems in Egypt. And I remember how important it is to balance time spent perusing fun, carefree blogs with time spent on blogs that address interesting, pertinent issues.

Do you ever feel frivolous when reading lifestyle blogs? What are some of your favorite “deep” blogs? 

4 thoughts on “the trouble with blogs is…

  1. Honestly, many of the purchases or recipes I have made as of late come from lifestyle blogs, so I wouldn’t call them frivolous. Some are more useful than others. I keep a few lifestyle blogs in my reader and if I find myself not reading them or not finding anything useful over a few weeks, I’ll usually remove them from my feed.

    • Great point! I also get tons of recipes and suggestions for better (healthier, more productive, cheaper, etc) living from lifestyle blogs. And like I said here, I think that being surrounded by comfort is often very important in helping you go out and live a meaningful life 🙂

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