Tip Tuesday

Freeze soup flat in Ziploc bags

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I saw this tip in a magazine, on Fannetastic Food, & then on the Pioneer Woman. It’s an easy way to store portion-controlled leftovers- and the thin sheets defrost more quickly than, say, Tupperwares of soup.

Pack lettuce at top of salad

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Throw the heavy, dense ingredients on the bottom of the Tupperware and place the lettuce on top. This prevents the lettuce from becoming wilted and crushed.

Pack dressing separately

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To prevent soggy salads, purchase small cups with lids or even use baggies for dressing. Or buy these ingenius plastic containers with built-in dressing cups from Glad!

Buy a cheap tumbler to keep at work

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I’ve been drinking so much more water since I bought a cheap pink tumbler to keep on my desk. I only use it for water, so it never gets that gross plastic smell!


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