an ode to sausages + a review

My sister mentioned that she wanted to eat more protein, so I mentioned that chicken sausages are a good option- which reminded me of one company’s superior social media strategy.

Awhile back, I tweeted this:

And got back this response from Al Fresco, an all-natural sausage company:

Notice that they didn’t say “Next time make it with Al Fresco gourmet sausages.” Just a simple, friendly acknowledgment of my great recipe- but now I associate their company name with sausage recipes. Genius, right?

Because I respect and admire a company with an interactive social media presence, I decided to give their sausages a taste. I bought the buffalo style ones, which are “tangy with medium heat” and gluten-free! Yum- everyone knows my obsession with buffalo. I sauteed the sausage with onions and peppers, placed it on top of gluten-free bread, and drizzled it with Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. The only thing missing? Ranch!

Photo credit

So kudos to Al Fresco- you’ve gained a loyal customer from Twitter {see guys? It is important in business}.

For more sausage recipes, check out:


One thought on “an ode to sausages + a review

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