why i will never be a famous blogger

  1. The public can be mean. Haters of The Pioneer Woman have created a blog dedicated to mocking her…who has that much time on their hands and that much hatred in their hearts?! P.S. I didn’t link to the blog because I don’t think they deserve more traffic or incoming links.
  2. Readers can be mean. Recently Kath wrote a blog post that her loyal readers deemed less-than-satisfying, and it set off a barrage of mean-spirited comments attacking her for not providing better content. Turns out, she’s pregnant and has been struggling with morning sickness! I hope they’re ashamed of themselves.
  3. I will never have the time, energy, or talent for Pinterest-worthy photography
  4. I love making up my own recipes, but I also love simply recreating already-existing recipes
  5. I don’t have a theme {I don’t detail every meal I eat, I’m not a travel blogger, I don’t solely blog about hard-hitting issues} and I can’t seem to finish a blog series {didn’t quite make it to 11 recipes there!}

As you can see, my rationale for why I will never be a famous blogger is made up partly of my own limitations but also partly of external factors that demotivate me to try and make it big.

Trust me, this is not a post to make you {my kind readers} feel sorry for my inability to make it in the big leagues of blogging. Nope- it’s just an acknowledgment that maybe blogging fame isn’t- and shouldn’t be- the end goal of keeping my little blog alive and well 🙂

On that note, I’ll leave you with this picture, which made me laugh out loud:

Image credit


2 thoughts on “why i will never be a famous blogger

  1. I just burst out laughing at that Blogging picture… so true.

    Reading the comments all of those people left Kath made me so sad and a little bit mad for her! It’s so much easier to be anonymously critical than to put yourself out there creatively like so many bloggers do.

    I like that you don’t have one theme and that you cover a lot of ground on here. Who is to say what you should write and what you shouldn’t. That’s definitely something I’ve been wrestling with… We’ll see where I end up 🙂

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