search terms- the good, the bad, & the eggplant 2.0

The blog girls and I were chatting awhile back about how people land on our blogs through search engines. Elisabeth said people always come to hers because of the picture of Pat Benatar!

Remember Search Terms- The Good, The Bad, & The Eggplant? Well, get ready for the 2.0 version- though nothing will beat “what is the situation,if the title of the business plan is eggplant?”

  • squatternut bash recipe: Haha! This is a Friends reference but if you type it in to Google, it just provides about 10 links to my blog.
  • mata hari membership savannah: I get this one a lot. Apparently lots of people are intrigued by the concept of a members-only speakeasy. And yes, it makes me feel even more special that I got to go 🙂
  • you should apologize: Uhhhh…I’m sorry? Haha
  • what is a roman prater: Haha! Well, in my case, it refers to my last name + my mom’s last name
  • what did the woman said in the franks red hot commercial: She said “I put that sh*t on everything!”
  • what is your learning outcome while doing in internship in kniiting: Don’t know, but I want a knitting internship. Sounds fun!
  • how to tell someone they inspire you: Aw! Just do it- be honest and don’t be ashamed. Or, you know, make it fancy and write a haiku 🙂
  • best unknown restaurants raleigh: Still working on this list.
  • a brunette and a blonde with an inseparable bond graphic: Aw, my birthday post for Lindsay pops up!
  • the best mashed potato casserole: This is the best mashed potato casserole!
  • gluten free car bombs: Haha! Count me in.
  • trendy shabbat dinner: As I said here, trendiness is always essential during a religious celebration 😉

One thought on “search terms- the good, the bad, & the eggplant 2.0

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