bahama, come on pretty mama

You know why I don’t mind this icky, cold weather? Because on Wednesday I will be here:


Then on this:

{A Carnival cruise}

En route to here:

{The Bahamas}

P.S. Pinterest is a bad place to find ugly pictures because there’s always a positive spin on things. If you type in “cold weather,” you just get results for cute winter clothing and ways to fend off the winter blues. Boooo haha.

1) Source: Uploaded by user via anslee on Pinterest
2) Source: via Clinton on Pinterest
3) Source: via Samantha on Pinterest
4) Source: via Fred on Pinterest
5) Source: via Heather on Pinterest


3 thoughts on “bahama, come on pretty mama

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    • Thanks for commenting 🙂 I just scheduled a post with a few pictures from the cruise and our stops in Nassau and Freeport- it will be posted tomorrow! I’m excited to check out your website for my next cruise (which will hopefully be SOON!)

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