{This is a pre-scheduled post. I am currently road tripping to Charleston, where I will be boarding a cruise liner to the Bahamas! Eek!}

Reading Kaileen Elise’s post entitled Comfortable Boldness made me think about the word comfort. It’s something I write about often but don’t often stop to ponder.

Comfort- a seemingly innocuous word that actually carries two very different connotations.

On one side, you have the positive associations. Comfort food- the kind that warms your soul. The idea of a comfortable home, {“It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience” -Sydney Smith}. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. The kind of comfortable love John Mayer sings about {“Our love was comfortable and so broken in”}. Those insanely comfy sweats you pull on at the end of a long day- or on Saturday night 🙂 That feeling of pure, unadulterated comfort you feel around family and your closest friends.

But then there’s the negative connotation of being stuck in your comfort zone. Of being stuck in a too comfortable place with no desire to push forward.

Do these two associations of comfort juxtapose each other? Are they on the same spectrum or two totally different ideas? Something to ponder…

Do you generally see comfort as a negative or positive thing? 


One thought on “comfort.

  1. I believe comfort alone is a good thing. It provides needed rest and relaxation to restore a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. I believe the negative connotation is more associated with being stuck and less about the comfort.

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