levels of happiness


You might have gathered from reading my blog that I tend to get antsy in life. It has the benefit of making me push forward and strive more, but it has the drawback of not always allowing me to sit back and take in all life’s little moments.

This tendency got me thinking about happiness and how we create it for ourselves every day through both small and big decisions, actions, and moments.

So what actions do I take to make myself happy? This list will give you an overview but below are actions {non-exhaustive and in no particular order} that I know make me happy- anddd several that I think make me happy but actually don’t!

What never/rarely makes me happy

  • Facebook stalking- being envious of other people’s lives or even feeling superior to them is definitely not a recipe for happiness
  • Eating crappy, unhealthy food
  • Avoiding the gym
  • Spending time with energy-sucking friends
  • Dwelling on negative memories

What sometimes makes me happy

  • Drinking- with the right people and right circumstances, it can be boatloads of fun!
  • Reading blogs- if they are uplifting and inspiring, they make me happy. See more on my philosophy here
  • Vegging out for an entire day- if it’s much-needed, I can savor it with the best of them 🙂
  • Dressing up!

What {almost} always makes me happy

  • Spending times with best friends and meeting new friends
  • Staying in touch with old friends
  • Cooking and eating elaborate, healthy meals
  • Cleaning/having a clean home, car, and office
  • Spending time with my sister
  • Reading silly chick lit or awe-inspiring literature
  • Learning for the sake of learning- like Googling an expression to find out its origin
  • Listening to a favorite or newly-discovered artist
  • Doing cultural activities
  • Being outside- especially if it’s being active, like hiking, walking, or playing tennis
  • Having well-fitting, comfortable, and aesthetically-pleasing clothing
  • Working out- both the action and the positive afterglow!
  • Traveling
  • Driving with music blasting and the windows down
  • Volunteering
  • Savoring my morning coffee
  • Being surrounded by inspiration- whether in the form of people, magazines, cookbooks, etc
  • Rehashing fun memories- generally through Facebook photos and wall posts!
  • Blogging- I can either share positive emotions or I can use it as an outlet for negative emotions
  • Sinking into a just-made bed with freshly washed bedding
  • Having substantive projects to do at work

What do you think makes you happy that actually doesn’t? What genuinely makes you happy? 

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