“and i need a beach. and i need a martini. stat”

First picture aboard the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship!

I’ve been on many soul-searching, introspective trips- like last year’s 10 day Birthright trip to Israel and my Alternative Breaks trip to Belize and New Orleans. But I’ll be honest with you- my recent cruise to the Bahamas was not one of them.

I did challenge the girls with several probing questions of the day, but for the most part, my questions were: What should I order for breakfast? What should I order for lunch? What should I order for dinner? Should I drink more? What should I drink? Am I getting tan? What should we do? Does anyone want a name tag? Where are Fatty and Columbus?

Haha, deep, I know.

As it usually goes, our Bahamas cruise feels like a lifetime ago. What a trip it was- and now my body is {still} punishing me haha. There are some parts of the cruise that I’m better off not sharing here if I plan on being employed in the future {partly joking} but I wanted to share some of the highlights.

  • Starting the trip off with a bang with Policeman Carlos
  • Having yet another epic trip with my sister


  • Sampling frog legs for the first time
  • Befriending Sue and Larry, our honorary parents (who invited us to spend the weekend on their farm in NC!)
  • Dressing up in pretty cocktail dresses!

    Formal night!

  • Befriending and nicknaming everyone else on the cruise including: Flo Rida, Anaphylactic Shock, Fatty, Columbus, Blaze, Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Kelly and Constable,  Bling-Bling, Phoebe, Blasov/Silly, Roman/Virgil, Music Man, Spunky Brewster and Twinkle Toes
  • Hearing “Are you guys wearing name tags? Turn the house lights on!” during the show on the first night
  • Being serenaded multiple times by Music Man

Just posing with giant chess pieces. Normal.

  • Spending the day at Atlantis- seeing the amazing aquarium, riding the lazy river, and watching the dolphins!
  • Taking a tequila shot out of a plastic Ziploc bag
  • Asking the man at the front desk to call our new friends…without knowing their room number or last names!
  • Spending the day in Freeport, where we ate lunch at a cute restaurant, befriended Christine, and made up a song about all our cruise friends

    First day at port in Freeport!

  • Having 2 lobster tails each delivered to us by our waiter, Bling Bling…then hearing him yell “Shots, shots, shots” every time he came to our table
  • Enjoying sushi and iced coffee on the deck by myself while watching the sun set over Atlantis
  • Riding a banana boat and hearing “Ohhhhh buddy” behind me..the whole time. Then capsizing not once, but twice haha. We got to see the ship from Pirates of the Carribean AND watch dolphins play 🙂
  • We rode a banana boat to see dolphins and the ship from Pirates of the Carribean!

  • Watching Twinkle Toes get his YMCA on during the first night show
  • Watching Erica kick butt- and do the chicken dance- on stage during Game Show Mania. She won a Ship on a Stick for her win!
  • Looking out over the sparkling and shockingly clear water
  • Hanging out with people for 5 days and still not having them know our real names when we disembarked
  • Having our picture taken in front of the cheesy 90s backdrops…on a beach…and in front of the “cruise ship…and on a veranda…and in Paris…and in a strange abbey thing with glasses of champagne and a grand piano….and my personal favorite: the pillow fight scene

The photographer quite enjoyed coming up with cheesy poses for us

  • And about a million more…..I’m sure this post will be updated as I think of them!
Here are a few photos that encapsulate our trip (more landscape photos to come in a different post):

Love these girls!

P.S. Who knows what movie that quote is from?! 10 points to whoever gets it right 🙂

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