i’m gonna be a star…fruit!

On Sundays, Harris Teeter wraps up produce that’s on its last leg and reduces the price by a lot.

That’s how I ended up with 7 zucchinis for $.93, a big bag of key limes for $.75, a giant bag of assorted hot peppers for about $1, and my latest find: 4 starfruit for $.69!

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How is a girl who loves making up random recipes and great deals supposed to pass those by?!

According to Wikipedia, star fruit- also called carambola {which is the Spanish name as well}- is native to parts of Asia but is also grown in tropical parts of Latin America. I remember eating it when I lived in Costa Rica for a month during high school!

The whole fruit is edible, including the skins and seeds. The fruit is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C {which is my favorite of all the lettered vitamins}.

Here are some fun recipes to get you started in case you stumble across an equally great deal at your local supermarket!

Star Fruit Chips

Star Fruit Steak

Star Fruit Jam

Star Fish Shrimp Salad

And my personal favorite:

Star Fruit Sangria


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