confessions of a {junior} recruiter, part iii

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For part i, click here and for part ii, click here!

  • Attach the right version of your resume! I recently saw a resume that had sections highlighted in yellow and notes throughout. Turns out it was feedback on how to improve the resume!
  • No need to write things like “So and so’s Amazing Resume.” Your amazing resume should speak for itself.
  • Have a profile on LinkedIn, Jobfox, or Visual CV {like I mentioned way back when}? Or a cool site like Christine Hall‘s? Fantastic! I would love to see it (assuming the rest of your application is decent). But don’t make me go to a link just to see your resume. We use a standardized online system for a reason. And before you argue that I’m just too lazy to follow a link, I promise that’s not it!
  • “Worked on a start-up but stopped when investment ran out”: So you took someone’s money, used it for your project, and then quit when the initial capital ran out? That doesn’t give me much confidence in your ability to innovate and persevere, I gotta say!
  • Referring to yourself in third person or as “Ms” or “Mr” is strange…
  • Feel free to thank me for spending time on your resume but don’t apologize for wasting my time! Edited: On the other, no need to thank me for spending my “precious” time on your resume. I’m not that in demand!
  • No dates found anywhere on your resume? It makes me think you’re covering up a spotty work history.
  • Telling me about your work history in the military then talking about our “critically important work?” Let’s call a spade a spade- we’re offering Daily Deals, not providing the solution for world peace. EDITED: Along the same lines, don’t tell me in your cover letter that your passion is to become a fair trade organic farmer or the director of a human rights organization. More power to you, but that’s not exactly what we do.

As I write these “confessions,” I wonder if it makes me sound pretentious or negative. My intention is certainly not to be either of those things! I intend to pass on {hopefully} valuable insight that I’ve gleaned from reading literally thousands of resumes. And I hope you get as much of a kick out of the crazy ones as I do 🙂 On that note, if you have any specific recruiting questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! If I can’t answer it, I’ll try to find someone who can!

*As always, the views expressed above are my own. They do not represent the views of my employer.

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