insider blogging info

During the wine tasting event with the blog girls, we discussed the ins and outs of the blog world. Tons of great advice was shared and it seems like it could all be summed up by one common thread and two words: read blogs.What do I mean by that? As a blog reader, you get a feel for what you like and what you don’t like.

You get an idea of what designs you like, including fonts, graphics, layout {I sent Sara a few of my favorites, like this, this, and this}.

You get an idea for what kind of content you like {I like looking at a mix of aesthetically pleasing graphics + personal narratives}.

You get an idea of what blog strategies work for you {I think two posts per day is perfect}.

And then you can implement these ideas on your own blog. Sara is designing a pretty header for me. I’m searching for a photography class so I can provide my readers with images to accompany my writing. And I post an average of two posts per day {one at 9:35am!}.

I’m not saying steal other bloggers’ ideas, of course. For example, I love Anne’s 5 Minute Packable Lunches, but I wouldn’t take that idea and pass it off as my own. Instead, it complements a little series I already do, which I call Lunchbox Meals.

And that, my friends, is your insider blogging info for the day.

Have questions? Ask me and I’ll pass your questions along to the other blog girls!

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest


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