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I recently sent an email to the blog girls asking if I could profile them on my blog. We all have several things in common: being bloggers, being female, being young, being awesome…but it’s a very interesting and diverse group, so I wanted to highlight each person separately. Several girls work in nutrition, some run small businesses, some do {social} media. Some focus on food, some focus on decor, some focus on body image, some focus on everything {ahem, me}.

I thought it was only fair to share my answers with you before making the other girls answer them 🙂 First, I also asked each girl to share an image that they felt captured them.

Describe your image.
Daisies hold a lot of significance for me. My middle name means daisy in Spanish; my mom used to give me a bouquet every year for my birthday. They also represent beautiful simplicity to me {I just looked it up and this is the actual meaning too!}. I love how this image highlights one daisy standing out from the rest of the field.

Share your six word memoir.
Coming sooooon…

Tell me a fun fact.
I can beat pretty much any guy in a shotgunning contest {seriously, challenge me!}.

Why do you blog?
As an outlet for positivity and an escape from negativity.

How did you come up with your blog title and content?
For the full explanation, click here! The simple explanation is that I wanted a phrase to represent “Cristina’s Life.” My life isn’t particularly glamorous or extravagant, but it’s exciting in its unique run-of-the-mill way- in other words, it’s scintillatingly simple 🙂

If you could improve your blog in one way, what would you do?
I would love to complement each one of my posts with a big, beautiful photo that I took! I would also love a redesigned blog {which I’ll have SOON}.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from blogging?
How to strike a balance between showing the real no-holds-barred you and remaining professional.

What’s the best thing you’ve gotten out of blogging?
I’ve ended up challenging myself in new ways; taking time to appreciate everyday life; and gotten perspective on life changes. But the most recent best thing is forming the blogging group!

Describe your blog using 6 tags/hashtags.
#cooking #selfimprovement #randommusings #entrepreneurship #sister #coffee

What is your favorite post so far? Which is your most popular?
My most popular is DIY Sunburst Mirror. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite- I love all the ones in the “Thought of the Day” category because it’s just a compilation of my random musings 🙂

If you could only read one blog for the rest of your life, which would it be {something other than mine even though that’s a natural first choice haha!}?

What is your favorite part of the Triangle?
From my work article on Raleigh: Cameron Village’s historic charm makes it the perfect place for outdoor shopping. You’ll from everything from a spice store {pick up North Carolina-style dry rubs at Penzey’s Spices} to small boutiques {like Uniquities or Fabrik} to organic specialty food shopping {at  Fresh Market} to southern-style custard {get the Carolina Concrete at Goodberry’s Creamery}. Top the day off with a trip to the local library and a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, where they’re almost guaranteed to know your name if you go enough. If you’re looking for a slightly funkier experience, check out Father & Son, a kitschy four story antique store! It’s where I found a vintage fanny pack for the rap music video I was filming- feel free to ask me about that 😉

What’s one job that you secretly {or not-so-secretly} want?
How about seven?! Awhile back, I wrote a list of seven careers I’d love to have, but I think life coach still tops the list. One day…

What is your favorite recipe to make {provide a link if you’d like}?
Spiced tomato chickpea soup, nom nom nom!

What’s your favorite season? Why?
If you don’t know the answer to this, you don’t read my blog! Haha. FALL! Like I said in my Fall’ Feastin post, I love everything about fall: Pumpkin Spice Lattes, butternut squash, Grateful Dead songs (they remind me of fall), scarves, boots, crisp air, apple picking, hay rides, driving with the windows down and heat up (environmentalists- you didn’t see that part), the colors, the leaves….when I say everything, I mean everything.

Image credit: via Shana on Pinterest

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