kitchen tips

  • Cut end off garlic and push down on the clove with a knife. The skin will pop off easily.
  • Choose a butternut squash that is uniform because there will be more usable flesh.
  • Don’t toss squash seeds- clean them and roast them for 15-20 minutes at 160-170! According to Whole Foods, “By roasting them for a relatively short time at a low temperature you can help minimize damage to their healthy oils.”
  • Buy a wine pump to preserve wine for longer.
  • No fresh herbs in stock? Use 1/4 as much dried herbs.
  • Buy ginger root and freeze it whole. You can easily take it out and grate it for use in a recipe that calls for the fresh stuff.
  • Wash your cheese grater right after use. Scrubbing dried cheese off is no fun!

For more of my kitchen tips, click here!

Image: Source: via Catherine on Pinterest


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