off to a good start

This weekend was crazy! There were several mishaps, but overall, I had a great time because my friend was in town! We indulged in pork nachos and PBR at Raleigh Times, brunched with his Chapel Hill friend {and my new friend!} at Irregardless, imbibed during the St. Patrick’s Day parade and consequent celebration in Moore Square, met some of my neighbors, and watched Friends and Scary Movie 4 {such a ridiculous movie!}.

After he left, I played a long round of tennis with my partner {such an amazing feeling to get back out after hibernating during the winter months}. Our tradition is to play an intense hour or so and then reward ourselves with Gatorade {my new favorite is the Tropical Mango…which contains 0% juice haha}.

I then whipped up two interesting spins on pasta casserole {both gluten-free}: tuna zucchini dill {based on this recipe} and sweet potato mac & cheese with caramelized onions and roasted orange peppers.

Afterward I spontaneously invited a new friend to the $2 movie theatre {long gone are the days of the $1.50 movie}. We saw Man on a Ledge, which was a fun watch. Every time they showed the edge of the ledge, I had a mini panic attack though!

This week is off to a good start- I woke up early, did a short run, and ended up {on purpose} at Starbucks for a grande iced coffee. Later, within 10 minutes of arriving in the office, my friend gchatted me about a relay race, which got me inspired 🙂

How do you start your week off right?

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