moving on

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I forgot to announce…I’m moving! I’m moving into a close by apartment with a new roommate, a garbage disposal (!), a fireplace (!), a washer and dryer (!), a dishwasher (!), a balcony (!!!), and a pool (!!!). Woo! And the best (and craziest) part? It’s cheaper than my current place.

I haven’t had a roommate in 2+ years, but I’m excited to venture back into the roommate world. When I say “roommate,” I mean “apartment mate,” so I won’t actually be sharing a room (whew!). I know it won’t all be fun and games, but I’m looking forward to reduced rent, expanding my social circle, possibly indulging in cable TV, sharing clothes and books, and hopefully fun girly roommate nights.

I obviously have a lot to do before I move:


Donate stuff to Goodwill {and possibly save some for a future clothing swap}

Forward mail; change address on all accounts

Repaint my bar cart & my leaning bookshelf

Sign over my old lease

Purchase balcony furniture

 As of right now, I’m pretty excited about the moving process, but don’t quote me on that the weekend I actually have to move! That adrenaline rush wears off pretty early on in the process haha.

But I know at the end of the move, I’ll get to brew iced coffee in a coffeemaker on my granite counters and sip it in my orange-walled dining room or out on the balcony. And then I’ll put the used cup in the dishwasher! Woo 🙂 Then I’ll sink into my bed in my turquoise-walled master bedroom with en suite bathroom!


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