sanity saving mini-tips

I was thinking yesterday about little steps I take to reduce my stress. I generally don’t think much of them- until I don’t do them and I suddenly realize how important they are!

Keep your wallet organized

Nothing is more stressful than finishing up your grocery shop, opening your wallet, and realizing your credit card isn’t there! Keep a small wallet that you can easily move from purse to purse

Keep a snack on hand

 I keep a packet of Trader Joe’s Handful of Almonds or a small package of trail mix tucked into my purse for a fast gluten-free snack when I’m starving

Keep a cut apple fresh

Cut your apple and place a rubber band around it to prevent it from browning. Such a good tip if you don’t want to munch loudly on a whole apple!

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2 thoughts on “sanity saving mini-tips

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