woohoo wednesday

Remember when I complained about Wednesdays? And plotted a way to make myself look forward to Wednesdays? Found it!

Yesterday I woke up on time, sipped homemade butter rum iced coffee from Cimos {the gift store on the corner of Hargett and Wilmington}, had a productive day at work, and had a great day with the kids I babysit {the nice weather allowed for fun at a nearby park!}. Then came the extra fun stuff:

I did the Dos Taquitos weekly Margarita Run, which is a 3 mile run through downtown and historic Oakwood. The boys ran faster than me, so I put in my headphones and chugged along by myself! Afterward, the restaurant offers cheap margaritas and an unlimited taco bar for $5, but I didn’t indulge because I was going to…

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Charlie Goodnights Restaurant & Comedy Show for Heather’s birthday! She had a big, diverse group of fun friends there; we all indulged in pitchers of margaritas and $10 fajitas {I had splendid leftovers for lunch today}! 

 And guess what? You get free admission to the stand-up comedy show if you buy dinner. Such a good deal! We “woohooed” our way through some moderately offensive comedy- apparently one of the comedians was in Revenge of the Nerds and has opened for Chris Rock {between you and me, he was my least favorite- but still pretty cool!}. 

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And because I refuse to drink and drive, I got a ride home from a sober comrade and walked back to my car {iced coffee in hand} this morning 🙂

Happy Wednesday indeed! 


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