portfolio finds

As I was packing up my apartment, I stumbled across the career portfolio I made during a junior year class. It was the making of this portfolio that spawned this business idea {I didn’t end up pursuing it but I still love the idea}.

Coincidentally, I designed the portfolio exactly two years ago today (March 23, 2010)! I browsed through the portfolio and saw some funny things.

Screenshot of my Twitter account

  • I had 111 followers on Twitter; I now have over 800
  • My most recent tweet on that day read “@ryanallis- I’m excited to read your blog- I’m from Durham and involved with social enterprise in DC!” I was so excited back then about the possibility of meeting Ryan; we’ve actually hung out since then {and he reads this blog sometimes- you out there Ryan?}. Funny how things come full circle
  • I had also tweeted about my amazing spring break in Puerto Rico; my friend just commented on a Facebook picture the other day to remind us how much fun we had

My LinkedIn account

  • I had 83 connections; now I have over 500
  • My current title then was “Analyst Intern at Social Enterprise Associates”


  • Pretty much reads like my current blog bio haha. Outdoor activities, playing board games, traveling, volunteering, and cooking, among others


  • I also came across two interesting op-eds on microfinance, which I still agree with!
  • I talked about Community Building Community and Alternative Breaks
  • I wrote a few of my ideas for post-grad: working within the field of social enterprise in DC or Raleigh {I actually mentioned Bull City Forward, which is a coworking space!}; spending a year abroad; or entering a MBA program. I didn’t do any of these per se, but I did end up starting a coworking space, which you could say is a social venture 🙂

So fun to look over! It reminded me of my 6 word memoir– fundamentally, I’m the same as I was two years ago, but I’ve evolved- both personally and  in terms of my Twitter following haha.

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