transportable snack ideas

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I know a certain someone {not me!} who gets hit quickly by hunger and gets mood swings  emotionally vulnerable because of them. I promised this person that I would make a post dedicated to easy, healthy, transportable snacks- most are gluten-free and don’t need to be refrigerated.

  • handful of almonds {snack sized packets from trader joe’s}
  • trail mix
  • oatmeal packets {if you have access to a microwave, bring a disposable hot cup + a spoon!}
  • honey sesame cashews {from trader joe’s; pre-portion into snack sized baggies at the beginning of the week}
  • edamame in the shell {buy the fully-cooked frozen kind; put in a baggie with sea salt and it will be defrosted by the middle of the day!}
  • apple + peanut butter {use this apple trick!}
  • apple sauce {I love the cinnamon kind}
  • granola {buy it in bulk from Whole Foods!}
  • carrot dippers {prepackaged baby carrots + ranch; sold at harris teeter}
  • cheese sticks
  • hard-boiled egg
  • beef jerky
  • terra chips
  • larabars
  • planter’s nut-trition mixes

What other transportable snack ideas do you have?

P.S. Love the idea in the picture above- dedicate a large Tupperware as a “healthy snack holder”

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest


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