“did you get dressed in the dark?”

Funny you should ask! I did, in fact. The girl who was moving out of the apartment I moved into accidentally shut off the electricity on Friday instead of today, so I spent the weekend and this morning electricity-free, which is strangely liberating.

I read Martha Stewart Living by candlelight. I set my phone on airplane mode to conserve the battery. I went to turn on the TV and remembered that I didn’t have power. I showered by candlelight.

Would I choose to keep the power off? No thanks! But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

On another positive note, I love my new place and am so excited to see it all come together. I love the balcony, the orange wall in the dining room, the roomy kitchen, the granite counters, the en suite bathroom, and the big floor length windows, and the elegant columns. And my neighbors are nice and fun to boot!

Now I have a little less than two weeks to settle in before my roommate moves in. I’m ready to do laundry, load the fridge up, and run the dishwasher 🙂


One thought on ““did you get dressed in the dark?”

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