the window of opportunity when moving

{Not to be confused with this post “When Opportunity Knocks“!}

If you’re like me, you love the thrill of settling into a new place. It’s exciting to wake up in a new bedroom, be surrounded by new colors, look out the window at new things {especially beautiful dogwood trees!}, and brew the first cup of coffee {Starbucks’ Pike Place} in a new kitchen.

Having a fresh canvas for decorating is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling parts of moving. Yet after two days of delighting in all the possibility, I find myself just wanting it to be done. I get sick of the boxes and knick knacks everywhere, I get sick of not being able to find things, and I get sick of bare walls.

But I also know that for me, there’s a window of opportunity when it comes to decorating a new place. If I don’t get it done within a certain period, I can almost guarantee those picture frames will sit empty, the big decorative mirrors will stay leaning against the wall, and the furniture will stay painted.

I think this time, 3 weeks will be my window of opportunity. That’s almost two weeks to set up before my roommate (hey Alison!) moves in and then a week or so to finish things up once her things are in place.

What’s your window of opportunity when moving? 


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