a week in the life

Ready for some scintillating updates from Cristina Land? I thought sooo!

  • Tons and tons of unpacking + decorating
  • Fro-yo at Tutti Frutti with Sara
  • A fun night out with friends at Frankie’s Fun Park! Nothing like go-karting and putt putt to make you feel like a kid again. We named our group the “Grownup Gang” haha!
  • Simple eating: roasted red pepper tomato soup from Trader Joe’s; cherry tomatoes + carrots with ranch; frozen edamame in the shell; Zatarain’s jambalaya + turkey sausage + onions + peppers
  • Some creative craftiness, like repurposing corkboards with fabric as a place to hang jewelry {pictures + tutorial to come} and spray painting an ugly tray
  • Raiding Goodwill for $35 {pictures to come}
  • The reintroduction of Almond Joy creamer into my coffee
  • Pilates + tennis + weight lifting
  • Watching In Time, the movie with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried {kinda corny but an interesting concept}
  • Reading Simon Said, a book I randomly picked up at the library that is set in downtown Raleigh!

Tonight I’m going to see Titanic in IMAX 3D and then see my best friend from high school, “Wifey.” Woohoo! It’s been forever, so I’m so excited to get caught up with her. And {hold your breath} I’ve never seen Titanic so it will be extra-special to see it in IMAX 3D.



2 thoughts on “a week in the life

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