i’ll never let go

…of my weekend memories 🙂

  • Seeing Titanic in 3D IMAX. I realize I’m the only person on the planet who hadn’t seen it already, but wow- I get what all the hype is about! And seeing it in 3D IMAX was so incredible- I felt like I was on the ship. Having just been on a cruise made the whole thing more relatable- minus meeting a Jack haha. But did anyone else think Rose should have shared her floating door? And, as my friend put it, “I’ll never let go…unless your lips turn blue and I’m freezing, in which case I’ll push you away and watch you sink to the bottom.” Haha! My thoughts exactly. But anywayyy- so worth the $16 (and goofy glasses)!
  • A random, completely sober night out until 4am with one of my best best friends from high school {though we didn’t actually go to high school together- we both homeschooled and met randomly!}. It was so strange to be in downtown Durham, which is apparently a very cool place now. I felt like I was an outsider even though I lived in Durham most of my life! I also ran into a few people I knew, which was fun
  • 9:30am Pilates class on Saturday morning = such a good way to kickstart the weekend
  • My sister and I saw Born to be Wild, an animal documentary, in 3D IMAX on Saturday- SOOO good. We both cried haha. It alternates between the stories of two women who run wildlife rehabilitation centers:  One woman in Borneo rehabilitates orangutans, while the other woman lives in Kenya and works with elephants. Orangutans are hilarious, by the way. Go see it!
  • Cooking up a feast of lobster, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach, and pina coladas! My live lobster jumped out of my hand and flopped around on the floor- I think my heart stopped for a minute there 🙂
  • Beach day! On Easter morning, we grabbed lattes and breakfast sandwiches, packed up a cooler, and headed to Wrightsville with some of our guy friends. Nothing beats lounging on the beach with friends with beautiful weather and Bob Marley on Pandora. I can’t sit still on the beach- I tossed a football, played “redneck golf,” (AKA ladder golf), and took trips to get food and go to Wings. My great mood couldn’t even be spoiled when two unnamed people bickered like little children an old married couple for the better part of an hour 🙂


P.S. Did you pick up the News & Observer yesterday? We passed the newsstand when we were at the beach and saw my mug gracing the front page! It’s a picture of me, Judson {a Change the Triangle member}, and our buddy Anna from the City of Raleigh  Parks Department planting the tree we named “Little Jud.” Haha! To read the article, go here. The picture is #13 in the gallery. P.S. I swear I am the least photogenic person everrrr! Oh, well, all for the cause, right?


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