cristina chats with…heather!

The first time Heather Allen emailed us about coworking space, we knew she was exactly the kind of person we wanted as the first founding member of The Raleigh Forum. Over the past 7 months, we’ve spent countless days in the office together, attended numerous downtown Raleigh networking events, joined the same gym, and drank a glass or two of wine together {her boyfriend owns The Wine Feed!}. She’s inspirational, creative, and hilarious- I love the story of the time she insisted on talking like a hillbilly for an entire car ride 🙂

When she launched her blog project, 52 Weeks of Celebrated Imagination, it was obviously time for her to join the blog group!

“This image shows me in my urban element, camera in hand, excited by what’s happening on the other side of my lens!” -Heather

Share your 6 word memoir with me. Creative. Random. Compulsive Yes-er. Visionary. ENFJ.

Tell me a fun fact. I can whistle like nobody’s business.

Why do you blog? I blog to celebrate the creative talents of others, to share small business and marketing know-how with career artists, and to promote the work of those I represent.

How did you come up with your blog title and content? At first I wanted to use the words “Inspirational Fodder” (like food for thought) but it didn’t have a good ring to it. My “52 Weeks” Blog presents a new theme each week in which an interactive conversation starts on the business Facebook page, and is wrapped up in archival form in the Creative Week in Review which is posted on the blog. You never know what can happen in 52 Weeks.

If you could improve your blog in one way, what would you do? I would improve the amount of time I have to devote to it. I’m very excited by and about my company blog, but as mentioned above, I’m a compulsive yes-er/volunteer and have a lot of activities occupying my plate simultaneously. Ideally, I’d like to push out more great content in less time.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from blogging? I’ve learned a lot from other bloggers, particularly about the importance of maintaining my voice and quirks in my text. I just hired a contributing blogger–his voice is very different from mine and should add some zest! Additionally, as my theme is a celebration of the work of others, I avidly cite, credit and fact-check content.

Describe your blog using 6 tags/hashtags. #FineArtsMarketing #Marketing4SmArtBiz #inspiring #celebration! #Dang! #share!

If you could only read one blog for the rest of your life, which would it be? Gosh golly, I have no clue! There are so many incredible blogs out there. I suppose I would read one that serves as a digest of a bunch! How about them apples?

If you could spend the day anywhere in the Triangle, where would it be?  Hands down, inside the NCMA and outside in the enormous park behind the NCMA.

What’s one job that you secretly {or not-so-secretly} want?  To be a creativity coach. Just need a few certificates and more time with my clients. I’m halfway there.

What is your favorite word and why? Chicken Sandwich. Seriously. There are a lot of satisfying consonants in that short two-worder. And it makes for a great response to just about any question starting with “What would you like?”

What’s your favorite season? Why? Fall has been my favorite season since I moved to North Carolina. It’s a time of reflection, magic and a still calming that’s only here for a short while.

To connect with Heather, follow her on Twitter and check out her newly launched website


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