links from around the web

{Foreword: my “Links from Around the Web” posts are admittedly very random. I bounce from serious topics to new recipes to funny posts. This miscellaneous assortment isn’t meant to be jarring, but rather provide some insight into what I find interesting throughout the week. And we all know my interest is piqued by a wide variety of topics!}

So here’s what I’m looking at this week:

Try this easy tip for peeling a whole head of garlic in 10 seconds.

I was moved by this post about Memorial Week in Rwanda, which commemorates the genocide of 1994. The post is entitled 18 Years Ago and is written by one of my best friends (and my freshman year roommate), Kathleen, on her blog, A Branch of Jasmine.

Apparently silence isn’t always golden, as evidenced by the deep psychological effects of the quietest place on Earth.

When I was in DC, we sampled a delicious kale pesto– I’m excited to try this recipe from Caroline of After Dinner Dance!

You all know I’m obsessed with spice mixes- now find out what your spice cabinet reveals about you!

As Pinterest gains popularity, I’ve noticed that the quality of the images has decreased as the online collection becomes less “curated.” This article asks if Pinterest will be able to keep spammers at bay. Making $1,000 a day from Pinterest spamming may be my next gig though 😉

Apparently AIM was killed off (the bigger question is- it’s still been around?!). Check out this hilarious list of 10 Things We’ll Miss About AIM.

There’s an article about my old school, Emerson Waldorf, in this WRAL article called Chapel Hill School Embraces Tech-Free Learning. I think this academic approach has a lot of merit, especially in lower grades. Go EWS!

This insightful guest blog post on Carrots N Cake reminds us that “comparison is the thief of joy.” It reiterates what I said here.


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