the chobani bandwagon

 From Messy Cupcakes via Flickr

If you read healthy living blogs, you’ve undoubtedly seen a myriad of different products crop up all over the blogosphere. It seems that every blogger now snacks on Larabars every day, eats a Chobani yogurt for breakfast every morning, and brews their afternoon iced coffee with a K-Cup.

Knowing that many of these bloggers receive the products for free naturally produces some suspicion {not to mention jealousy haha} but I still wanted to give Chobani a shot.

First of all, it’s Greek yogurt, which apparently means more protein and some other health benefits {I’ll let you do the research!}. The 6 ounce cup is $1.38 at Harris Teeter and it’s surprisingly filling.

Best of all, there are countless uses for the yogurt besides just breakfast or a snack. A few ideas: Anne’s cherry lemon smoothieshealthy tikka masala, tuna quinoa cakes, or as a substitute for mayonnaise.

For just a morning snack, my favorite flavors are the apple cinnamon, lemon, peach, and strawberry banana!

Check out Chobani’s Pinterest boards for Greek yogurt pinspiration 🙂 

Have you jumped on the Chobani bandwagon like me? What are your favorite flavors?

*This post is not sponsored but if Chobani wanted to send me a case or two, I wouldn’t say no 🙂


3 thoughts on “the chobani bandwagon

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