8 reasons post-grad is like freshman year

I realized today that establishing a post-grad life is just like entering your freshman year of college. There are exciting opportunities and adventures to be had, but there are also intimidating challenges to overcome.

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1. Figuring out who your real friends are: you cast your net wide and hope that you’ll have close friends as soon as possible! For me, I never want to turn down an opportunity to meet a new friend, but eventually, I have to tighten my friend group.

2. Forming an extra-curricular life: in college, you have hundreds of extra-curriculars presented to you; there are fewer options during post-grad  but they do exist (goodbye GW Social Enterprise Forum and CBC, hello Change the Triangle and Triangle blog group)!

3. Adapting to a new schedule: freshman year, it was about the freedom to set your own schedule; now it’s about fitting back into a more standard 9am-5pm schedule.

4. Solidifying your eating habits: freshman year, it was figuring out how to eat healthy with only a GWorld and a mini fridge; now it’s about how to pack healthy lunches for full days at the office!

5. Moving into new living quarters: unless you lived at home during school or moved back home after graduation, you’re adapting to life in a new residence- hopefully your post-grad accommodations are a step above your freshman year digs though 🙂 Either way, both entail meeting neighbors, decorating, and remembering not to lock yourself out.

6. Proving yourself: freshman year you worried (or maybe you were too busy hanging out at Japone!) about keeping your GPA up; now you think about impressing your first “real” boss.

7. Wondering about the future: freshman year you pondered what life would be like as a senior (and you could enter the mysterious and mystical place called McFaddens); now you wonder what your next career move should be.

8. Trying to manage your finances: during freshman year, it was debating whether you could afford another Starbucks iced coffee; now it’s…debating whether you can afford another iced coffee. Haha!

And there you have it- 8 reasons why adapting to post-graduation life is just like freshman year!

Can you think of any other parallels between the two life transitions? 


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