happy humpday + weekend recap

My mission to make Wednesdays awesome continues tonight- a new “friend” {we haven’t met in person yet!} invited me to a happy hour to celebrate her new job!

I had yet another fun-packed weekend. It’s hard to believe it’s only April, because I feel like I’ve thrown myself full-force into summer activities, like beach day trips and listening to Sublime 🙂

On Friday I enjoyed ate fajitas from Chile Bomba {I don’t recommend it, except for $2 margaritas on Tuesdays!} and homemade margaritas. My roommate moved in, so we spent awhile organizing our apartment and eliminating what we have double of. I have a ton of decorating ideas {read: am picky} and she’s very flexible, so it works out well!

7 different kinds of forks that I found in my silverware drawer!

On Saturday I played a morning game of tennis- though I don’t blog often about tennis, it’s always a highlight of my week. As I was lying in bed recuperating, my friend texted me offering me free tickets to the World Beer Festival! They’re normally cost $40 and I love beer + free stuff, so naturally I jumped on them. I invited Wifey and my sister because I knew the three of us would have a blast.

We sampled a billion beers {my favorite was actually a cider from Crispin}. Indulged in delicious food. Bought a Rocky Mountain Reese’s apple. Drove a demo Harley Davidson. Ran into my roommate, who was there with friends. Wore DTR and PBR buttons with pride. Met the guys from Capacooz {coozie plus a bottle opener} and helped them sell the product to unsuspecting passersby. All in all, we had boatloads of fun! Thank you to Corey and Live Work Play for the tickets!

Yum, Reeese’s apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co

On Sunday, it was off to the beach again for a day trip with our guy friends. After two hours of rapping to Drake, we met up with some other friends and  spent a long day at the beach. We ate amazing burritos from Tower 7 and may or may not have been forced to take a tequila shot too. We all commented that on the beach, the day goes by so slowly in the best way possible! I love getting home around 7pm and still having time to settle down, prep some food for the week, and unwind before Monday.

Capacooz! {photo credit}

Here’s to reliving your weekend memories on Wednesday!


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