the debut of my new blog design

I know you all remember my Twitter friend Sara. I mentioned to her awhile back that I wanted to revamp my blog, so she offered to help me out. Since I love quatrefoil and the combination of gray and pink, I wanted a fun but not overwhelming design that incorporated these elements. While at first I felt iffy about having my name in such big, prominent letters, I realized that it was a valid branding tactic, since this is my little corner of the internet after all 🙂

In Sara’s words: “We combined our brains and creative powers and created this new and fresh look for her, and with only a billion changes (some because she couldn’t decide and some because I couldn’t decide) (and yes we are still friends), her new header image has joined her new and fresh WordPress custom template to give her blog a nice and clean look. I think it says “I like pink” without saying “I’M OBSESSED WITH PINK” and scaring any male readers away.”

I do have a few male readers (hello out there, guys!) so I thought this was a valid point.

I also switched over to a new WordPress theme: Forever by Automattic. I thought it was a much crisper but still cozy look than my old Bueno theme, which is ubiquitous in the blogging world and screamed “free WordPress template” to me!

What do you think?! If you need any design work done, contact Sara over at Watermelon Roses!

P.S. If anyone knows how to get rid of that awkward white space in between the header and the blog posts, let me know 🙂


3 thoughts on “the debut of my new blog design

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