wrapping up the weekend

I’m a big fan of Sundays- I generally have no obligations, I give myself a “lazy pass,” and it’s a day to recap the weekend and look forward to the week.

Speaking of recapping {though it doesn’t relate to this weekend}- I love the expression “The best part of a Saturday night out is the Sunday morning recap.” I remember so many days in college where we’d have a fun night out and spend hours recounting and dissecting it over Sunday brunch 🙂

But back to this weekend! As I mentioned, my dad is in town for the weekend, so we wanted to show him our lives in Raleigh. On Friday, he and I went to breakfast at Flying Biscuit, where I ordered my go-to: the Eggs-Ceptional Eggs {“two large farm fresh eggs over medium, on black bean cakes topped with oven-roasted tomatillo salsa, feta cheese & sour cream served with creamy dreamy grits”- soo good!}.

On Friday evening, we met up for dinner at David’s Dumpling, where Sara and I split an order of soft shell crab with seaweed salad and I ordered the Vietnamese pho as my main course! I love how David {the owner} is always there to check in on customers. And they always bring a different seasonal soup sample to the table- this time it was chilled cucumber soup. Delicious but not quite as killer as last fall’s carrot ginger soup.



Can you see how our family revolves around food? All of our family vacations sound like this: “Let’s get breakfast then hang out. Then we’ll eat lunch here and then just chill or nap. Then where should we go to dinner?” Haha!

I was going to check out the Museum of Natural Sciences’ special 24 hour grand re-opening after dinner, but I opted to climb into bed with a good novel instead. I’ve been uncharacteristically exhausted all week, so I wanted to get some extra rest.

On Saturday we headed out to Pittsboro to volunteer with Carolina Tiger Rescue for Change the Triangle’s April event. The experience was SO neat- it deserves its own post {with photos!}. But here’s a fun fact: apparently tiger spray smells like buttered movie theatre popcorn. Strange, right?!

After the volunteer event, we tried to attend Cuegrass, Raleigh’s annual BBQ + bluegrass festival, but decided to choose an indoor activity once the rain started pouring. Speaking of movie theatre popcorn…we headed off to see 21 Jump St {where we befriended the manager and got free movie tickets haha!}. Hilarious movie- see it if you haven’t! The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful and may or may not have ended up with another early night in bed- lame I know 🙂

Sunday’s agenda: farmers’ market and brunch, picking out herbs, and seeing where the day takes us…


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