field trip to the nc farmers’ market

As I mentioned, we spent Sunday morning at the State Farmers’ Market, where, shockingly, I’d never been. As an avid cook, I knew I would love the selection of unique farm-fresh ingredients. And nothing beats a Saturday morning strolling through the market- it reminds me of my childhood, when my mom and I would wake up at 6am on Saturday to go to the Carrboro Farmers’ Market. I would always get a smoky red tea sample and a big chocolate chip cookie 🙂

My first time at the State Farmers’ Market Restaurant. It was a cute atmosphere with great service {the servers wear overalls!} but I wasn’t blown away by the food

 Clearly our family loves half-and-half. The restaurant should use half-and-half quarts instead of the individual packages. Much more environmentally friendly!
 Haha, typical North Carolina…the Battle of Tobacco Road
 The whole place was full of fun, kitschy decor
 Herb section of the farmers’ market
Just thought this looked cool 🙂
 My new hydrangea- my favorite flower besides peonies and daisies
 My dad’s housewarming gift for me: cilantro, basil, parsley, and dill plants. Grant total? $13! Very worth it

Though I didn’t love the restaurant’s food, it was decently priced, so I would go back for a pre-shopping brunch. It was also nice to have a giant cup of carry-out coffee to bring with me through the market on such a chilly day!

I also picked up spring onions and a pint of strawberries in addition to the flowers and herbs, which were both gifts from my dad. Potted herbs are such a good investment {if you can call $13 an investment}. A package of chopped basil is almost $3 at the grocery store, while a plant- which continually produces fresh herbs- is just $3.25.

I can’t wait to go back to the farmers’ market to load up on ingredients. I may also stop by Earp’s Seafood Market, which is a renowned hole-in-the-wall seafood store on South Saunders, on the way home!


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