diy: painting a rug

I’ve seen many a room transformed by a big area rug. It’s amazing how that  little pop of color can make such a big difference and make a room feel complete.

In light of this, I keep reading blog posts about “amazing rug sales.” I click through the links and see $150+ price tags. Sorry kids, that to me is not cheap!

As I lay in bed pondering my options, I remembered I’ve had a big beige rug in the trunk of my car since I moved into my last apartment! On a whim, I googled “painting a rug” and found that not only is it possible, it can look great.

Here are some great tutorials:

Chevon Painted Rug from Ikea

Painting a Rug: The Idea Room

How to Paint an Indoor/Outdoor Rug viaCurbly

Makeover Your Rug with Paint via RealSimple

DIY: How to Paint a Sisal Rug

As for our place, what do you think of something like this?

Photo credit

Does it look too much like grass? We’re doing an off-white, brown, and gold theme with pops of color, like light green and pink. This could pull out the colors on our pillows! Or maybe one of these more simple ones:

P.S. Before she moved in to the apartment, I emailed my roommate the following:

Hey! I’ve been browsing rugs online and I found a few cool ones. I think either of the two below would be great and really add to the classy theme in the living room. I was thinking of getting the biggest size.


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