link roundup for the week

I laughed out loud when I read Yes and Yes’s (Yes’? Yeses?) tips on 5 Steps to Up Your Personal Dignity.

Speaking of Yes and Yes- anyone buying the Post College Survival Kit 2012 course and workbook? Apparently a lot of people relate to post-college struggles, because my 8 Reasons Post-Grad is Like Freshman Year post was one of my most popular!

I happened to stumble across an article on the importance of using anchor text in blogging {I had never even heard of it}. If you’re not familiar with the concept, check out this piece: What is Anchor Text and Why Is It Important?

Just got a new job? First of all, congrats!  Here’s how to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation When You Get a New Job.

To continue on the Instagram trend from last week, here’s some new Instagram Tricks and Tips!

If you’re moving or changing up your decor, here’s a really helpful tip that I used from LifeHacker: Using Toothpaste to Hang Pictures.

And speaking of decor…check out The Kitchn’s 5 Decorative Uses for Glass Jars in the Kitchen!

What links did you love this week {be it home decor, cooking, blogging, entrepreneurship, or otherwise}? 

P.S. I overheard a sixty year old man at Starbucks say the following- “I want to run for office. But I’d admit to everything. They’d ask me if I had sex with so-and-so and I’d be like ‘yeah! What a night!'” Hahaha!


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