i see us on the beach down in wilmington

You know how you have those good weekends and then those “amazing, I can’t stop rehashing and cracking up” weekends? Mine was the latter.

Friday consisted of a happy hour with some new friends followed by an adventurous rickshaw drive and being in the filming of a music video. Just a normal Friday night!

On Saturday, the girls and I woke up at the crack of dawn and took off to the beach. We rocked out to my awesome playlist, chugged coffee, and acted like 12-year-olds. Since it was too early to check into our {free!} hotel right away, we hit downtown Wilmington for lunch and a stroll.

We hit an awesome thrift store but the fun promptly ended when we realized we weren’t allowed to play dress up or take funny pictures

Key wall in Wilmington

Most hilarious thing ever. We spent about five minutes determining if this wizard was real or fake. As we crept closer, he jumped at us! The plastic hands really throw you off!

We ate brunch at a cute place on the main street called Caffe Phoenix. We jokingly told our waiter that we were going to leave him a tip on Foursquare instead of a real tip 🙂 We also strolled through the farmers’ market and sampled muscadine grape smoothies at Port City Java!

Time for margaritas by the pool!

P.S. I’m obsessed with the Bo.B. song So Good. The real words to the song are “I see us on the beach down in Mexico,” hence the blog post title 🙂


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