balsamic-splashed tuscan bean soup

Some of my best recipe creations come from cleaning out my fridge and using up leftovers {remember my easy lentil chicken bacon soup?}.

After preparing the kale + escarole + tomato bean casserole that I found on The Bitten Word, I had some cannelli beans and canned tomatoes left over. Inspired by a recipe on, this Tuscan-inspired soup was born!

In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Toss in half a chopped onion, a clove of chopped garlic, and 1 1/2 to 2 peeled and sliced carrots. Saute until tender. Toss in half a can of cannelli white beans and half a large can of diced tomatoes with their juice. Cover with chicken or vegetable broth. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to low. Add in sea salt, pepper, and a dash of red pepper flakes to taste. Sprinkle with a big pinch each of chopped fresh parsley and basil. Simmer for 25-35 minutes or until the flavors are well-blended.* Before serving, add a splash {use sparingly} of balsamic vinegar. 

This is a pretty basic bean soup recipe but the splash of balsamic vinegar really kicks up the flavor and adds a unique element for your taste buds!


*Have you ever tossed soup ingredients into a pot and tried a bite? It most likely tasted a bit…off, like the flavors hadn’t quite blended. Maybe you could taste the basil or the cayenne or other spice, but all together, the soup didn’t seem to suit your taste buds in the right way.

Generally I find that simmering the soup for longer gives it a flavor with more well-blended depth. You may still be able to taste the different flavors, but the soup feels more coherent, for lack of a better word.

Try mixing up your spices too- I love the coriander flavor in this spiced tomato chickpea soup and the light cumin taste in this polychromatic soup. But remember- sometimes you only need salt and pepper, like in this potato leek soup!


2 thoughts on “balsamic-splashed tuscan bean soup

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only “queen” of the “Everything But the Kitchen Sink Soup”! Cheers. It looks delicious. Did you see my simple Aquacotta on my blog? It’s easy and yummy.

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