may day, may day

May 1st aka Happy May Day!

When we were younger and went to hippie school, we celebrated May Day by picking small bouquets of flowers, wrapping them in homemade paper carriers, and delivering them to the front doors of all our neighbors. Has anyone else ever done this?!

{Pretty sure ours did not look this good}

We would then travel to a big open field for a May Day celebration with the whole school. Each class performed a May Pole dance; basically, the May Pole has multi-colored ribbons fastened to it and each student holds a piece of ribbon. The class dances around the pole, and the final result is a pole wrapped in the bright ribbons! I’m nearly certain that this would only happen at a Waldorf school, but I think it’s awesome nonetheless. It’s one of those random traditions I would love to pass on to my kids eventually {you know, unless they’re too busy reading their Kindles or playing video games…}

Have you ever celebrated May Day?! Have you ever danced around a May Pole? 


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