the unexpected costs of cooking

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When I was a senior in college, cooking at home became the norm instead of the exception to the rule of eating out all the time. I started taking lunch to work almost every day and cooking dinner at home most weeknights. Going to restaurants or ordering delivery became a special treat instead of a boring regular thing.

The rewards of cooking at home regularly are tremendous: you have more control over what you eat; it’s healthier; you get to experience the fun of experimenting with different recipes; it’s easier to eat gluten-free; etc. I realized I could avoid the guilt of buying an overpriced sandwich when I knew I could have made the same- or better- at home for a fraction of the cost.

But, as with any lifestyle change, there are pros and cons. The biggest “loss” I faced when I started cooking at home regularly was time- though it’s hard to see it as a loss when I find cooking calming, fun, and rewarding.

But I did end up spending money on different things. The list below is not meant as a deterrent to cooking at home, just a reality check! It does ultimately save a ton of money, but be sure to budget for the following:

Spices {cooking’s not the same without a stocked spice cabinet}

A lunch box, extra Tupperware containers, and Ziploc bags {gotta haul that food to work somehow}

Plastic wrap and tin foil {more food in the fridge to cover and arrange}

Sponges, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and paper towels {more clean up to do}

Kitchen tools like immersion blenders, food processors, thermometers, etc {I always find that the more I buy, the more I need!}

Cookbooks {not necessary with the internet but fun to have!}

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What other unexpected costs {financial or otherwise} have you encountered  as a product of cooking at home?

5 thoughts on “the unexpected costs of cooking

  1. I feel like I always need a new pot or some type of appliance, a special bowl, special pan that can be used the stove and the oven. There’s so much out there! But I’ve learned to google recipes that meet my modifications. I love cooking at home now! It’s so fun but can be expensive if you get too carried away on recipes that call for crazy ingredients 🙂

    • i totally feel you- i try to get things that play double-duty (like using a griddle for quesadillas instead of buying a separate quesadilla maker!}.
      i did invest in a pretty complete spice set though because it adds so much variety to recipes!

  2. I agree with you on the appliances – every time I get something new, I find 10 other things I need! And I have no space for any of them in my tiny kitchen! What I really need is a nice big kitchen 🙂

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