a balanced post-grad life

I had a long gchat conversation with a college friend recently where we discussed the benefits and struggles of post-grad life {clearly I’ve been thinking about it a lot!}. We feel the same way about a lot of things as evidenced by this quote {which made me literally laugh out loud}:

In some ways, we feel like these early{ish} post-grad months should be filled with late nights, crazy stories, and a carefree spirit. In other ways, we feel like we need to buckle down, get serious about our jobs, and establish “healthy” habits, like going to bed at a decent hour.

I can see pros and cons of both extreme mindsets. This is an important time in terms of establishing ourselves and deciding our next steps- career-wise and otherwise- but it’s also a prime time to join a kickball league, chug a Bud Light, and lounge by the pool on a lazy Saturday.

I want to believe that these two aren’t mutually exclusive. I can be a career-driven recruiter, small business owner, and avid tweeter who can also shotgun beers with the guys (and girls!) at the beach. Right?!

Any other recent grads feel the same way? How have you worked to establish balance in your post-grad life? 

P.S. I told my friend a story and her response was “Why does this stuff always happen to you?!” I’ve decided to include more funny (and appropriate) stories on my blog because I always have random moments that crack me up!

To start: My sister was convinced that the lyrics of Turn Me On by Nicki Minaj were “Punch me!” instead of “Touch me!” I die laughing every time I hear it now. I just picture her excitedly exclaiming “Punch me!” HAHA!

She also thought the words to Starships (also by Nick Minaj) were “We’re flying in a motherf*cker” instead of “We’re higher than a motherf*cker.” Thank you for the nonstop laughter, SRR!


2 thoughts on “a balanced post-grad life

  1. I think you can have it all in your post-grad life… Just in moderation.

    It’s very important to think about you career and where you want it to take you, but it’s essential to still enjoy good times with friends. My main mottos include: Work hard, play hard…. as well as: work first, play later…

    From what I can tell – I think you’re on the right track to a well balanced life!

    • Thanks girl! I definitely agree- I was telling someone about my weekend and felt like it was representative of the life I want these days: a CTT volunteer event followed by Cinco de Mayo fun with friends 🙂

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