chico de dingo recap

Can you call two awesome weekends in a row a pattern? I think so. If the past two weekends are any indication, this summer is going to be very very baller.

On Friday, I spent the whole day at work jumpy with giddiness. At the end of the day, I bolted out of the office, got in a quick elliptical workout, and headed to the pool with Sarah {not my sister, not Sara D, but my sister’s roommate}. It was the perfect way to kick off Cinco de Mayo weekend. After some relaxation time, we reconvened for a night out at BabylonLast time I was there, the blog girls and I told the owner that he should use Twitter- on Friday, he came up and said that he has been using it!  We capped off the night at a magical little place called The Goat.

On Saturday, we grabbed iced coffees and trekked out to Cary for Change the Triangle’s May event with Miracle League. Volunteers- called Buddies- are paired up with a kid who has special needs for a game of baseball. The coach asked for someone who liked to dance and my friend blurted out “Cristina!” I may have qualms about “real” dancing, but I have no shame when it comes to silly dancing. So Sarah and I were paired up with a 9-year-old named Cindy* {name changed} who loveddd to dance. We spent the game dancing out by the third base {yes, there was some shopping cart moves involved!}. We had a blast and Cindy’s mom said she would love to see us back, which I think means Cindy had a great time too.

After the event, we said our goodbyes to the kids and the next shift of CTT volunteers and headed to Hibernian in Cary for the social event. We had a hugeee table out on the patio- we joked that we should play telephone to share plans for the night {a lot of us generally meet back up on the night of events for more socializing}.

After the social, we headed home, grabbed our coolers and swim suits, and headed out to my pool to soak up the sunshine- which lasted for approximately  15 minutes before the torrential downpours started! Not to be deterred from celebrating Cinco de Mayo festivities, we took the party inside. Apparently no one was a fan of my cilantro jalapeno margarita! As we were hanging out, I texted my DC best friends “Happy Cinco de Mayo” but it auto-corrected to “Happy Chico de Dingo.” It will forever be known as that in my head now 🙂

9 of us hopped into a cab van and headed downtown for a night of fun. The minute I stepped out of the cab, I saw a girl with a sombrero and told her that I was jealous. She proceeded to take it off and hand it over! Haha, thank you, random girl who gave me your sombrero- you made my night!

Sunday was obviously the day of rest after a crazy weekend. Recap brunch with the girls {I wished the host a happy Seis de Mayo. His response was “Uhhh yeah.” Haha!}, followed by a Trader Joe’s run, food prep for the week, a thrift store excursion, and going to see the Lucky One. When I got home, I decided to go on a quick run, which I expected to be mediocre. It was one of my best runs ever- I felt like the Energizer Bunny! I came home to wrap up the weekend in the best way possible:  recapping on the couch with my roommate while Friends played in the background.

Perfection! Whew, this summer is on a roll already 🙂


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