the fine line between consistency & monotony

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Since I moved into my new apartment, I feel like I’ve established a great routine of working out regularly {doing a random and fun combo of tennis, kickboxing, Pilates, running, etc}, eating at home regularly {as evidenced by my On the Menu posts!}, brewing coffee at home, keeping things clean, keeping up with my to do lists, etc. A huge factor is the new apartment- it’s certainly easier to do laundry when I have a washer and dryer in the apartment and to keep the kitchen clean when we have a garbage disposal and dishwasher!

The point is that I find it calming to have such a consistent daily schedule. I love knowing that on Monday morning I can reach into my fridge for Tupperwares of pre-cut fruits and vegetables, grab a few coffee cubes, and be set for a productive week.

All this got me thinking about the fine line between consistency and monotony. Oftentimes I think I {and others} confuse the two. But right now, I feel like I’ve reached the perfect level of consistency without monotony. I see it like this: I have to have a baseline level of consistency to keep my sanity but then I can infuse variety and fun into the rest of my life. Sure, I know I’m going to cooking at home this week, but I have an infinite number of recipes I can try out. Likewise, I know I’ll be working out most days this week, but I have a ton of exciting options to choose from. I know I’ll have a busy week but I also know I’ll get to do a wide variety of fun activities!

Where is the fine line between consistency and monotony for you? Do you feel like you have or can achieve it? 

P.S. I was searching Pinterest for an appropriate image and laughed when I came across this one. #nerdjokes

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2 thoughts on “the fine line between consistency & monotony

  1. I love this! I am so much happier, more peaceful and ready for the unexpected fun and not-so-fun curve balls each week throws at me when I have some consistency.

    Ex: Mondays I have kickboxing + dinner with friends, so I plan what I’ll cook T-Th on Sunday so I’m not tempted to eat out. I eat healthier when I pack a lunch for work, so I make sure to have it ready to grab on my way out the door in the morning.

    I think the monotony comes in when your schedule is filled with things you don’t particularly enjoy. My challenge is travel – it’s tricky to stay consistent when you’re constantly on the go 🙂

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