weekend gluten challenges

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During the week, I am a gluten-free champ. I cook and consume gluten-free superfoods and am rarely tempted to break my gluten-free pattern.

And then the weekend comes and it’s like a gluten-filled free-for-all. I eat breakfast sandwiches and biscuits, order late night pizza, sip Bud Light, and basically undo all my hard weekday work.

I’m on a mission to change that. Here’s a few simple tactics I’ve thought of:

  • Order San J Gluten-Free Soy Sauce Packets; store some in my purse and car to use with sushi or other Asian food
  • Grab a Chobani yogurt and piece of fruit or a homemade smoothie instead of a breakfast sandwich
  • Stock up on gluten-free beer for home and drink mixed drinks when I’m out. Joseph James Brewing Company now offers a canned gluten-free beer, meaning I could still shotgun if they distributed to NC 🙂
  • Order crunchy corn tacos instead of flour tortillas at Mexican restaurants
  • Use the Find Me Gluten Free app on my Droid
  • Check Foursquare for suggestions that other gluten-free people leave behind in the tips section
  • Familiarize myself with fast food gluten-free options {like the crunchy bean tacos at Taco Bell}
  • Just say no. I don’t need late night pizza, I don’t need Bud Light, and I don’t need a biscuit at breakfast
  • Remember that one gluten-filled meal isn’t worth feeling less than great for the next day or two

Any other suggestions for staying gluten-free throughout the weekend?


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