intergenerational befriending

My sister and I were always raised to be very comfortable around people of all ages. This weekend and next weekend are perfect examples of that. On Sunday morning, I met up with the girls for brunch; I walked up and found them surrounded by an entire family, including three kids and their parents. We proceeded to chat with them for about half an hour as if we’d known them forever. Throughout brunch, multiple other sets of kids and their parents stopped by our table to see the dogs and chat with us.

And remember when I mentioned that we befriended a table of older folks on our cruise to the Bahamas? I said in my post that they invited us to their farm in NC. So next weekend, the cruise girls and I will heading out to a stunning farm in rural NC see our honorary parents! They’re throwing us a pool party and are inviting the rest of their rotary club 🙂 And a quote from our email exchange with them: “I’ll need a day to buy the beer, liquor and food before you decend upon us…” Haha! I love the word choice “descend.”

Anyway, what I love about my friends is that we can act silly and ridiculous, but everyone is so open to being in new circumstances and meeting new people. I’m not sure how many other 20-somethings would walk away from a Carnival cruise with 60 or 70 year old friends!

I credit my mom a lot for this mentality {at least for my sister and I!}. I used to walk up and find her engaged in conversation with total strangers. We even had a waiter friend at a local restaurant that we would visit regularly for over five years!

Remember- every good friend was once a stranger! Likewise, every stranger is a potential friend.

Do you befriend random people? What’s your most random story?

Source: via Ona on Pinterest


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