cristina chats with…linnie!

I met Linnie of Linnie at Large at our Night in Raleighwood party. I remember thinking how pretty and friendly she was! Since that party, I’ve seen her at The Raleigh Forum for brown bag lunches, several blog events {including the recent #NCMAPinup event and our wine tasting at The Wine Feed}, and even her birthday party a few days ago! She continually impresses me with her open attitude, constant exploration of Raleigh, her new position as a committee head for Change the Triangle, and most of all, her commitment to “living large.” Can’t wait to have more shenanigans with Linnie 🙂

 “This picture means so much to me because it was taken by one of my best friends, Veronica Sharon, amidst a fun filled day in my favorite city: New York.”

Share your 6 word memoir with me.
Believe. Dreams really do come true.

Tell me a fun fact.
I’ve traveled the world and have lived in all four corners of the country.

Why do you blog?
Blogging is therapy. It gives me a chance to share my new adventures in Raleigh with others. I hope it inspires people to get to know the world around them, dream big, and live LARGE!

How did you come up with your blog title and content?
I love to travel and I’m always on the go. I thought “Linnie at Large” would be the perfect way to capture my personality and passion for exploring new sights.

If you could improve your blog in one way, what would you do?
Over the last few months I’ve spent (way too much) time formatting my blog in a way that fits my personality best. I’m really loving the layout right now. However, in terms of content, I would love to travel more and then introduce others to the world beyond their immediate reach through my blog.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from blogging?
Always check your spelling and grammar! Read your post out loud before you publish to catch simple mistakes. Make sure to give credit where credit is due.

What is the best thing you’ve gotten out of your blog {friend, product, etc}?
I can’t help but thank Cristina for introducing me to the “Triangle Blog Girls.” Shortly after I started “Linnie at Large” she invited me to a blogger event with a bunch of other smart, driven women who are dedicated to their blogs and enriching the lives of others. I’ve made great friends and have been exposed to so many new ideas and opportunities through this one fabulous group of girls.

What’s your favorite post so far? What is your most popular?
My favorite post was my Birthday Fun at Fab’rik, because it captured all of my favorite things: fashion, fun, and friends. It was a representation of the family I have built and grown to love since moving to Raleigh. My most popular post was about the Redress Raleigh Fashion Show were several designers in the Triangle showcased their unique and original designs.

Describe your blog using 6 tags/hashtags.
#fashion #Raleigh #fun #TheCarterBuilding #wine #thebloggirls

If you could only read one blog for the rest of your life, which would it be {something other than mine even though that’s a natural first choice haha!}?
I’m still new to this whole blogging thing, but I really enjoy reading fashion blogs. They help satisfy my shopping addiction without spending a dime. Plus, they showcase the latest trends before they go mainstream. I really enjoy keeping up with Tiffany Style and Mollie in Seattle.

What is your favorite part of the Triangle?
The inner loop! On my days off you’ll find me either downtown or Glenwood South. If I’m not there, then I’m usually walking or jogging between the two!

If you could spend the day anywhere in the Triangle, where would it be?
Lately I’ve enjoyed spending the day at the pool when the weather allows, but I also enjoy popping in and out of stores and cafes in downtown Raleigh or along Glenwood South.

What’s one job that you secretly {or not-so-secretly} want?
I love my job. I’ve worked long, hard hours to land the job I have here in Raleigh. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What is your favorite word and why?
I enjoy saying and getting into: shenanigans!

What is your favorite recipe to make {provide a link if you’d like}?
My new year’s resolution was to cook more, and so far I’ve been pretty successful! I absolutely LOVE this salmon recipe that’s super easy to make!

What’s your favorite season? Why?
There’s something about summer that’s so simple and carefree. I enjoy spending my summer days by a lake or pool until the day turns to night. There’s something about a summer sunset that’s absolutely magical.


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