part of day two at hollymead farm

On Saturday morning, we slept in and padded downstairs to find fresh baked zucchini and banana bread waiting for us! We all popped K Cups into the coffee machine and ate a long, luxurious breakfast outside on the patio overlooking the pool.

Then Larry took us through the hilly trails by the house on the Kabota, which is a kind of ATV/tractor. He went super fast, which resulted in tons of screaming from the girls! We dubbed it the Taylorsville Safari, but it felt more like a rollercoaster. Here I am driving the Kabota like a champ:

We then went to Walmart to stock up on supplies for the pool party later in the day. The best part of the trip: a little chihuahua was running around Walmart with no leash or owner in sight! We planned to start a website called (don’t steal it!).

Larry then took Colette and I down to the horse stable to turn manure (it has to be flipped periodically so that it decomposes properly). Good house guests always help with chores! But I didn’t think of it as a chore because I had a BLAST on the John Deere Tractor. They could barely get me off it! Larry made fun of me because I would raise the bucket and then accidentally flip it the wrong way so the manure dumped toward me instead of away! Luckily, I didn’t get any on me…

The stable is at the bottom of the hill and you can look past the horse pastures to the house. Such a shabby view, right? (Kidding!).

While Colette had her turn on the tractor, I snapped a few pictures:

This was the largest red hickory tree in North Carolina and the second largest in the country before a tornado hit it
Sue has a horse cart under there!
Horse stable
There were gorgeous flowers everywhere

This used to be a house but now it’s a little storage shed for the horse trailer. It’s over 100 years old, if I remember correctly

Stay tuned for the rest of Day #2 and all of Day #3!


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