our last day at hollymead farm

Sunday was a bittersweet day at the farm because we knew we had to return to real life shortly.

My sister and I woke up at 6:15am to catch the sunrise, which didn’t pan out very well because we missed most of it! But I enjoyed a cup of coffee on the patio:

And I snapped a picture once the sun was up:

Sue and Larry took us to a local diner for breakfast (but we insisted on paying!), where we proceeded to die laughing for most of the time…but we all got a bit sentimental. At one point, there were four pairs of teary eyes around the table! We felt like we had learned so much from them on appreciating the little things in life; staying close to family; staying young at heart; and maintaining a great marriage.

Once the waterworks dried up, we headed to their son’s house (which he’s building by hand!) to meet day old baby goats! What an incredible experience- they are precious! The ones that were two days old were bounding around awkwardly and searching for their mom 🙂 Here I am holding Heart:

And here I am giving kisses to Steve the Goat. He kept licking his lips haha!

And all the girls with Heart (of course I’m holding a coffee cup on a farm!):

What trip to a farm would be complete without a donkey ride? Thank you to Aubrie for being such a great driver!

Clearly I’m not very photogenic but these pictures are too cute to not show!

When we got back to the house, we wanted to get a picture of the six of us. Sue or Larry ended up getting this completely candid shot, which I think looks like the Beatles Abbey Road cover!

Near the end of the weekend, I told Larry it was like the end of an era. He replied, “Nope- just the end of a weekend.” They invited us back (Sue reminded me that I had to make matzo ball soup next time!), so we are planning a trip for the fall. Imagine this view in fall colors:

So so so many thanks to our amazing new(ish) friends for welcoming us into their home and making us feel like family! The Real Hussies of Hollymead Farm thank you 🙂


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