the rest of day two at hollymead farm

For all my posts on our trip to Hollymead Farm, see my “Hollymead Farm” tag.

After flipping manure for a few hours, the three of us headed back up to the house to shower and get ready for our pool party! I had promised Sue that I would help in the kitchen, but unfortunately the farm work took too long- #farmgirlproblems. Erica and I did have a few spare minutes, so we headed down to the herb garden to collect some cilantro to garnish the chicken fajitas.

The evening was a blast- a ton of our friends from the cruise came by to see us hang out in the pool and hot tub. We had amazing dips, including a delicious artery-clogging buffalo chicken dip (recipe to come)! I think approximately 12 million batches of margaritas were made in the sturdy Margaritaville machine:

I Instagrammed a picture of a ton of tequila shots with the caption “This was not my idea.” I promise I wasn’t being coy; it really wasn’t my idea.  This was the brainchild of Troublemaker Chip:

We made sure to don our buttons for the pool party. We received tons of compliments on them:

We had a blast catching up with everyone, hearing about their kids, playing with a few adorable dogs, taking a shot or three, lounging in the hot tub, and looking at the stars (Colette and I invented a game called “Star, Airplane, or Firefly” where we had to identify which of the three spots of light were haha).

The whole group that attended was so fun-loving and inspired me to stay young at heart (like Frank Sinatra says).


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